Sunday, 28 May 2017

a quiet day

just pottering in the garden today and an evening meal at mum and dad as being tired makes me grumpy  and that is not good. also missing what I used to be able to do....

Saturday, 27 May 2017

over done it

In my determination to get fit, I seemed to have over done it.
Today Sophie and I walked Bertie and Poppy(Heather walks Bertie a lot for me )they are easy together as they  play a lot.
then in the afternoon we went duvet shopping for thin duvets, then we done a BBQ I the evening.
Shattered now, easy day tomorrow .

just forgot to blog

I forgot to blog last night.
Yesterday was lovely, a walk at Severn Beach with Richard and Sophie, a cup of tea there.
Sophie and I had a much out then a bit of food shopping. Home to potter and Janet popped over for a cup of tea. Feeling so much better this time round after chemo, but I think it is because I am determined. Moon walk in 2 weeks so have to train and have legs back. I hope to do 13 miles, although signed up for 26, mum Celia and Elaine are doing that , but Sally and I hope to do the 13.

Off dog walking now into the village, still feeling a little sick, so this will try it all out.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

baby sitting

I went to Glebe today to baby sit Megan's baby Sera.  I walked her around  the village. then I walked home,while I got a lift up the hill. I also had a chat with Janet. The rest of the afternoon was quiet as I am still feeling very sick.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

So determined

Amazingly I went for coffee this morning, then watched Sally, Richard and Gavin start there swim in the lake , then Tesco. But I felt bad after that and I spent the afternoon in bed, but I did   go  out !!!!!not feeling that good now..

Sunday, 21 May 2017

watching sally go

This morning I watched Sally, Liz, Ben, Gavin, Kirsty and one more set of on a bike ride to Monmouth, Sally and Liz did the shorter route ,only 55miles!!!!!, the others did the longer route, I admire them all as she said it was hilly ..
I walked the dog with Sophie , Phil and Sarah then went to Adli(love a bargain) for some cheap cycle kit.
Still feeling good I did some gardening this afternoon, but did take it easy.   The sickness is returning and is coming in bouts, ugh . But I am ok.

just taken chemo and I do feel very very sick. it is pants !!!!!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Sailing Club

There was an event at the club today, where other boat from different clubs come to the club to sail.  Sophie and I had were in charge of the food. Alongside Sue we served about 50 bacon sandwiches,  it was very busy. we also done food after, alongside free tea and cake. Thank you to everyone that helped me as at times my head did feel fuzzy, but this is what I love doing and when I  am there it make me feel good as a person. Phil was also there doing results and John also helped with the event, but so many people helped at the event ,it was great. Also plenty of club members made cakes, so thank you !!  John and Sally also came 6th in the racing which was brilliant.
So I am now tired this evening and Sue I am resting now, in bed with a book and laptop and all I am doing tom is hopefully watching Sally and Liz start there 85k Bike ride. fingers crossed I do not feel to sick, but I have Mo sickness watch at hand.

if at parts this blog reads wrong I will blame it on being tired and chemo head as I have read through it twice and still finding errors  .....