Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A better week

I am helping with shoebox  this week for Samaritans purse. I have been going up in the morning and bagging up sweets, to check boxes you have to think !! It is so interesting, the boxes go to children that have very little and they get great delight in receiving the box.
Art was also good this week, I am getting better so I fell I am achieving something.
I m also in a better mood mentally  which is good. You have to feel sorry for John at times as he has to put up with me !!!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

a good weekend

Friday I had a good swim with Cathy, Richard and Alison. Saturday Sally and Jack came over ready for the Dinner and Dance and various people  came to visit Benji.
John and I were guest of honour at the Dinner and Dance, Adrian the Commodore asked us because we have been involved with club for a long time, John has been commodore in the past and I have been involved a lot with the social side. I do love a good party and the evening proved to be just that that, it was just great fun.... Sarah did a good job organising it .....
Today John, Phil and I went for a bike ride, then mum cooked us lunch, then a visit to the pet shop.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

I am struggling

It has been a year and I will not lie I am struggling this week. The average person lives 12 -14 months with this cancer !!!

Living with not knowing that you will be alive to go on holiday next year is a hard, but I  am planning to go away. Mentally I am strong, but this cancer even tests that to the max. When I feel like this I feel anti social and I have to push myself hard to go out.

But this is just a faze and I tell myself to get on with it.

I have a lovely week this week, Sarah(Friend) is coming up to TSC dinner and dance name place tomorrow and having my hair cut. I also have the usual swimming  and art to go to.

Well I must get on, writing it down, seems to make things better. Off to art with dad now.  :)

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Just plodding along

Friday I had a quiet day, walking Bertie with is mate Poppy. The day allowed me to finish some art and do housework.
Saturday Sally came over with Benji as she was going on a ladies Bike ride somewhere. Sophie and I took him to the sailing club with Bertie and they were both brilliant. Katie popped in for a chat then Sophie and I went Shopping for bit and bobs. In the Evening we went to the Swan at Tyhterington for a meal with Cathy, Kevin, Alison and John. Brilliant meal and brilliant company !!
Sunday I cycled to the sailing club on my own (Felt brave) to meet John after sailing. Great to be there as chatted to loads of people! Off out with  mum later to church. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

fitness getting back

I did a 20 mile bike ride with Annie on Monday with a stop at a pub for a drink and chips, to say I enjoyed it was an understatement. I felt alive!!
Tuesday was art , but I chatted for most of it and not much art was done , but I will finish the picture at home!! and as for today my usual swim , baking and a dog walk with Heather and Poppy.

Sometime I am asked how I live with the cancer, it is never far from my mind , but I am very strong in mind and have become stronger, believing in myself ( Kates helped) and doing what I want to do. I think about it often, but it does not get me down, I accept it. But most of the time I really enjoy life and the friendships that have made me strong.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Fun weekend

Friday at swimming I felt the old Julie come back, I was able to keep up with Cathy, I told Richard to go in the fastest lane as his swimming has now got too good for us and we are not slow !!
Saturday Sally and Jack came over with Benj , a visit to Thornbury with both  dogs was fun, they got loads of attention, in the afternoon we had friends over to see Benji  and then Mum and dad came for tea and we also had some small fireworks  designed for small children, they were perfect . We also had sparklers and I love writing my name in the sky with them!! Then off to a small Party with Friends from the Sailing club which was good fun, plenty of laughs.
Sunday Sophie, John Celia and I went on a 12 mile bike ride, Sophie is learning how to ride her road bike and only forgot the brakes once, when she went into me ! She is doing so well. it was also a great bike ride, so much nature to see.
Off with Annie on another bike ride tomorrow, making the most of feeling good :) 

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Everything happens for a reason.

I believe everything happens for a reason, it may not be clear at the time , but it will become clear.
I receive letters from Kathy in America which I enjoy reading, one day I was feeling down and in her letter was a star shaped stone with Hope on, I held it tight and it gave me hope. I also carry a small guardian angel in my hang bag and a unicorn as they give me hope too.
Also since I have been ill  John has got fit, Sophie has become more independent and Sally is following her dreams. It has also made me realize the importance of having my dog Bertie(sat by me now)
I have also been given a book by Aunty Jenny called " 90 min in Heaven" the book not only talks about his time in heaven, it also talks about surviving the car crash and the road to recovering and how he reacted to people and how people treated him, I may  not have been in a car crash but I can relate to his feeling and emotions about ill. Sorry going on a bit , but the book has given me hope and made me more determined to try and help others and not let cancer be a forbidden word.

As for this week, Art was brilliant fun my style of art is very different to dads, he likes building, I find them boring. I realised that I like flowers and slightly odd art, a bit abstract. On Tuesday I painted an oversize rose with a small man watering it. Weird, but I loved doing it.
A very busy Wednesday. Swimming as usual with Cathy and John, Counselling with Kate(everyone needs a Kate) a walk with Elaine and a meal out with John family on Wednesday .
 Today a visit to Cardiff which was great.  Sally and Jacks dog Benji is great