Monday, 24 July 2017

last chemo .

I  start my last chemo this week, hopefully Wednesday evening.   I am still tired from the swim , so have not done a lot today, a boring day really...

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Poole and Bownsea Island swim

Well, where do I start.
First John, Sally Jack, Sophie all travelled down on Friday night in the rain. Phil and Sarah came down on the Saturday. Saturday Chris came for a practice swim, the sea was rough but brilliant fun, Phil and Sarah arrived for lunch then Sally , Sophie, Jack went back in with Phil for another swim !!
 Fish and chips in the evening, perfect day!!
Day of the swim, Chris pick me up at 6 in the morning, we get to Sandbank, register, then over on the ferry to Brownsea Island. Chris know so many people that are really friendly and have done a vast amount of open water swimming.  The 4 milers go First and I must say so are going a very fast pace.

We  then hop on a boat and head towards our start. The start was very interesting.
Both Chris and I slide off the boat and head towards the start which is a rope with bouys on moored between 2 boats ! .   We hold on to the bouys  then 1 min before the start we duck under the rope and start swimming !! It was choppy and I swallowed  a lot of water, I did find it hard, but with Chris swimming along side me I felt good. I will not lie , I did find it hard and I would not have wanted to do it without Chris. We completed the swim in 62 min !  So so pleased. I was lost for words. Cancer can not take this away.
The outing finished with a picnic with everyone who had come to watch.  They had a good boat ride watching the swimmers and they looked around the island. I really appreciate the family being there for me.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Poole for the weekend

We are in Poole, hoping to do the Brownsea Island swim with Chris on Sunday Morning(Fingers crossed) I hope to swim 1/2  way round the island which is 2 miles. If I was well it would be the 4.
But with old shoulder playing up, 2 it is.  I am so grateful to Chris  who is going to be my swimming buddy.  can not wait !!!
Back to this morning, Jack took me to have my platelet bloods taken I Will know on Monday if I can have the last lot of chemo) then Tesco for some bits and bobs. Home to back scone for Patchway Festival flower show, I baked them the wrong size scones, it was too late to bake some more!.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Bertie under the weather

It has not been my best couple of days, Bertie has been to the vets, a little under the weather, 2 injections later and some tablets he is now ok. But I was surprised how it effected me and my mood, it got me a bit down. That  little dog just keeps my spirits up.
But today has been a lovely day.   Coffee at the garden centre, then Julie came for lunch.
This evening I went to the lake with John, he swam and I chatted !!! Then he took me for a sports massage on my back and shoulder, a little sore from the swimming and sailing.

Monday, 17 July 2017

feeling a little fed up

I am looking forward to the swim, but as it gets closer I know chemo also is and the thought of feeling ill again is not great.
 Good dog walk with Judith and a nice cup pf tea with Janet made it a relaxing day.
The training tapers this week and I am ready for it, I have a sports massage booked for Thursday.
Walking this evening with Elaine and Celia which I am looking forward too.

Saturday, 15 July 2017


I did not want to walk, feeling a little sorry for myself, fed up at not driving  not having as much energy as I   want or used to have. But I did walk just over 6 miles and it was brilliant . On the Downs and into Aston Court with mum and Celia. Felt good at the end. 
In the afternoon off to Tesco to buy some sugar for jam making. Blackberries in freezer for nearly a year, so going to do something with them.
This evening John is cooking steak, eating all the right foods for the following weekend !!!!

Thursday, 13 July 2017


You may have gathered from the blogs I have been doing a lot lately, but this week I think it has caught up with me. So I am trying to slow down.  So today I just dog  walked with Emma and had my hair cut. I do love going to the Salon and Natalie does wonders with my hair, it is such a treat. Mum is good at taking me places, really missing not driving.
I also went to Cromwell quarry  to watch John swim. I am still not allowed to go into open water  as risk of infection,  so Bertie and I went for a walk there...