Monday, 18 September 2017

walking and London

Saturday- Out on normal walk and I am back to the 6 miles on the Downs and it felt great. Then collected Sally new bike ready for the Ironman  next year. I also had a bike fitting, ordered some clip on's .(bike shoes) My new challenge to master them !!

Sunday- London here we come !!!  Anna took us to London and it was fantastic.  We start the day with bunch at the Wolseley ( very Posh place, Sally and I shared a glass of champagne as a whole glass would have been to much) then on to the art galley, then Liberty's, Hamleys to name but a few shop. Anna was chuffed eith the freee tot bag from the Chanel perfume shop.  We finish the day with coffee and ice cream in Fortnum and Mason. Such a brilliant day, with our own personal tour guide, What Anna does not know about shopping in London is not worth knowing. We smiled all day. Thank you Anna!!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Here we go again.

I have a story really
John and I went swimming on Wednesday,  we swam in the same lane and I allowed John to go faster than me, as I am not really that competitive !!!!. We had swam about 30 lengths and decided to do some float work, my float is on the side, but John get out to get his float. This is where it gets interesting, John faints and flops into the pool, I grab him and get him out of the pool (not sure how I did it) and shout for help and we end up in the medical room , who call an ambulance , so we have Adam a paramedic come, he was brilliant, he does load of tests, the leisure centre was fantastic , moving people around so Adam could check John over.
We end up going to Southmead Hospital where he is checked over, he ends up on the cardiac ward and gets a full MOT, nothing wrong, he just had a "normal" faint, the consultant  also had a good sense of humour and told John not to compete with his wife when swimming.!!!!  and  that most people in there lives will faint and they can make you feel funny for 30 min. However I did remind John  that when most people faint they do not end up trying to drown themselves !!!!!!,

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Walking and Standard tralthlon for Sally today

Yesterday I  power walked with mum, it is surprising how easy it is to us loose your confidence with sport when you do not do it all the time, we did a good walk so confidence restores. Shopping in the afternoon, getting bits and pieces with mum and the girls.
Today Sally did a standard tri in the Cotswolds, she did well. it was cold and raining for some of it, but it was great to watch and I do love going to events.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Not sure how to live

There are no books to tell you how to live now.. I do keep myself busy, meeting Aunty Pat with mum in Thornbury this morning and making  our yearly apple chutney with Janet this afternoon.
However I do feel lost sometimes. there is no chemo and that scares me, it has been part of my life for so long, it has become the normal. However I do have to live and however weird to sounds it feels hard at times.
My usual food shopping with Mo tomorrow which I do enjoy as Mo makes me laugh.
I do worry the cancer will come back quickly, but I am good at not dwelling on it most time, but sometimes it does hit me. Mo does laugh when I tell her I can now think of October, living one day, one week and not thinking further than a month ahead, I am too scared to go that far, to think I may be one of the lucky ones that lives longer with this cancer.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Cotwold sprint trilathlon

We left the house at 5.30 am, after an hours drive we were there, it is busy from there on. putting bikes on rakes , numbers being put on legs and  queuing for the toilet( moan , there is always a long queue for the toilet!!!!!!) Lucinda from the club goes first into the swim, followed by John, Gavin and Andrew, then Sally, then Phil.  Sally did a very good swim, then I go on the bike for 12 miles, windy, but I enjoy it ... It took me 45 min and I did feel a little burn in the top of my legs. I felt alive !!! Richard followed with a really good run. Everyone did really well.
We also really  appreciate the supporters that come up and it was great the hear Celia, Mum and Sophie cheering us on. It does make all the difference.  Mum took her flask and handed out a well earned cup of tea at the end to go with BLT s we had made the night before.
When you are at these sporting evens, it makes you feel so good, cancer is a million miles away!!!!

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Running with John and reg for tri

Today I went for my first run with John in my new legging, they are bright , but I love them.
Then we went to the Cotswolds to register for the event. John is doing his first tri and Sally, Richard and I are doing the relay( still can not do lake swimming)  Phil, Gavin and other member of our tri club are taking part. We had a lovely day and looking forward to the event..It makes me feel normal !!!
Picture of me in my new run
ning gear.!!   Will let know how we all get on as it is a family affair

Friday, 1 September 2017


John and Sally have just done 5 days sailing in Tenby.  There were 100 boat racing each day and the pair were mid fleet, some races they were near the top, other not so good, but they did enjoy it.
For Sophie Jack and I we visited Caldy Island where the monks are, but we did not see one !!!. the island itself was  lovely and a real escapism place.
We have Kayaks so we spent everyday kayaking. I also did a couple of good swims in the sea, although I did not like the jelly fish !!  We also had a go on a inflatable Sofia which got towed by a power boat. Jack fancied having  a go and Sophie and I thought it would be good fun, it was, although I held on very tight !!   We also met some lovely people...
All in all a good week was had by all. I am doing the bike leg of a sprint tri on Sunday so off to reg and get the pack tomorrow.